Queen of Procrastination 👑
  1. Woke up at 9:40a
    A little hungover. Last night my friend and I drank a bottle wine. Each.
  2. Proceeded not to get out of bed until 1:00p
    I had to pee and could no longer hold it.
  3. Scrolled through Li.st and Insta
    For much too long
  4. Decided I was hungry, so I walked to get some chicken
    It's finally in the 70s in Texas #blessup
  5. Watched this week in Colbert on YouTube
    God I love that man
  6. Went mini golfing with the other undergrads in my research lab
    I was the only one to get the ball in the dinosaur's mouth on the first try not that I'm bragging or anything 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
  7. Watched The Impossible again
    I cried. A lot.
  8. Ate most of a bag of kettle cooked jalepeno chips
    My true weakness
  9. Am now debating between starting studying
    It's nearly 7p who am I kidding
  10. Or watching Easy A
    I need a laugh after all those tsunami feeeeeeels
  11. I'm sure my exam on Monday will go GREAT
  12. UPDATE: I watched two British panel shows with my roommate and went to see the Accountant
    And learned nothing about RNA polymerases
  13. Day well spent.