1. Men with nice teeth
  2. Tweed blazer jackets
  3. English Breakfast Tea
    With milk and sugar
  4. Intelligent dogs
  5. Idiot dogs
  6. Chili dogs
  7. Frank Sinatra
  8. The smell of the first chilly day
  9. Anyone who can tap dance
  10. Wit
  11. A killer film score
  12. Days when the sky is completely grey and it's in the low 50s. No wind.
  13. The smell of fresh cut grass
  14. Listening
  15. People who will watch a movie and focus solely on that and leave everything else alone
  16. Biographies
  17. House M.D.
  18. Very dense refrigerated chocolate cake
    With no icing
  19. Waterfalls
    Particularly being near them
  20. British comedy panel shows
    Particularly QI and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year (esp. 2012)
  21. Pizza
  22. Blankets fresh out of the dryer
  23. Choosing the correct size Tupperware for leftovers on the first try
  24. Potato buns
    Potato anything tbh
  25. This app 💔