1. Do I really want to be a doctor?
  2. What actually is the point of a pet snake?
    How is it supposed to replace the love and affection a dog can give you when you have no one in your life?
  3. I could totally live in a secluded cabin in the woods
  4. How do we miss so many obvious things in life and not realize it until Jerry Seinfeld points it out to us?
  5. What ever happened to the A*Teens?
  6. I wonder what my third grade teacher is up to these days
    He had a pet tarantula, I'm sure he's doing great
  7. Louis CK's "Horace and Pete" was pretty great but I'm thinking it darkened my soul a bit
    Binge watching was maybe not a good choice
  8. What does it mean to matter? How do we "matter"?
    I.e. How does one measure such a thing?
  9. Why did Ms. Becker teach us about the ship wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald in 5th grade?
    And why do I still know every word to the Gordon Lightfoot song we listened to about it?
  10. Who decided to call them "soft drinks"?
    And what is a hard drink? Something containing alcohol perchance?