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All these men have been truly gorgeous in my eyes.
  1. Jonathan Rhys-Meyers
    His performance in Bend it Like Beckham, enough said.
  2. Dev Patel
    Please organise my arranged marriage with him, parents.
  3. Danny Bhoy
    Those jokes could make any woman swoon!
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One of the great teen movies!
  1. Heath Ledger.
  2. Heath Ledger as a badass.
  3. Julia Stiles being standoffish.
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  2. Loud- I screamed at my dog
  3. Boastful- sent screenshots to all my office watching friends
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  1. Coach Carr spelling Chlamydia with 'Kla'
  2. The African tribal music inspired soundtrack
  3. Mr. Duvall saying "oh hell naw!"
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