Inspired by @LevNovak
  1. Anyone who has their own opinion about anything and can back it up tastefully
  2. Listeners
    I feel like they are so rare to come by, but when you find one hold on to them. I'm lucky to have a few of them in my life.
  3. Over the top, dramatic human beings
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    They're hilarious and I am one of them. Also this bitch is one of the all time champs of sass. If you haven't read the "When I'm pregnant I'm worried that" list by @mindy ....what are you doing? That's the kind of over dramatic but hilarious shit I need in my life.
  4. My mama
    She laughs hysterically at anyone or anything that gets physically hurt. She cannot spell for the life of her. Whenever I'm sick there is no one is rather be with. @babyruth here's looking at you
  5. My fucking Dad
    Threatens me with spoilers from our favorite TV shows if I don't watch them on time. Loves movies more than I do and that's saying something. Enjoys Rachel on Glee- he thinks she's a hoot
  6. Men who don't worry about being masculine
  7. Women who don't worry about being feminine
  8. Taylor Swift haters
    Thank god for these people otherwise I'd think I was crazy and the only one who sees through her bullshit
  9. People who laugh at my jokes
    THE TRUE HOMIES YA'LL. All 2 of you
  10. People who don't have their shit together but they don't let it get them down
    I'm super envious of these kids
  11. Girls. I love my lady friends.
    Girls are so fun. I don't enjoy people who bad mouth or put down women in anyway.