1. Don't buy me anything expensive because chances are I won't like it.. go for anything cheap, or no cost at all, like baking me something or giving me hand picked flowers
  2. I hate cuddling...sorry
  3. Please don't be clingy/ always touching me or in my face
  4. I don't agree with pda at school
  5. DO NOT say 'I love you' if its only the first week into our relationship, even the first month or two after. Its annoying
  6. I'd much rather have a lowkey dinner than at a fancy expensive restaurant.. the food there usually isn't that good anyway. Plus, fancy restaurants make me nervous. Take me out for breakfast or for Chinese
  7. I'm always down for anything, I live for adventures
  8. I hate surprises.. just so you know
  9. If you cannot make me laugh, bye