1. Most meat is disgusting
  2. I'm actually in love with all the Twilight movies and the soundtracks
  3. I dislike most dogs
  4. I prefer drugstore makeup over Sephora products
  5. Unless bacon is crunchy/crispy and burnt, its gross
  6. Every year I'm always secretly excited to go back to school
  7. I don't think Nickelback is as bad as everyone says they are
  8. Comic sans needs to be removed from this world permanently
  9. I don't think Ryan Gosling is as hot or hyped up as everyone makes him out to be
  10. Guilty until proven innocent
  11. I don't like any of the 'fresh' artists everyone is listening to like G-easy, Kanye, Drake, DJ Snake, J Cole, Mac Miller, etc
  12. I do not find frat boys attractive
  13. Sororities are sketchy in so many ways
  14. Valentines Day is overrated
  15. Books are always better than the movie
  16. Uggs are ugly
  17. I'd rather poke sticks in my eyes than watch sports
  18. Dark chocolate tastes like shit
  19. No baby is cute when they are newborns
  20. Vanilla over Chocolate
  21. I don't like cuddling
  22. I have no problem with age gap relationships
  23. White chocolate should not be a thing
  24. Winged eyeliner does not look nice, on anyone
  25. Minions are ugly
  26. I would date a nerd over a jock or preppy boy
  27. highlighter is overrated
  28. Halsey is trash
  29. Jennifer Lawrence isn't as cool as everyone says she is
  30. I automatically hate people who try to make your problems invalid by saying 'well people in Africa are dying..' or 'some people have cancer'
  31. mental health is just as important as physical health
  32. Although Damon and Elena on TVD were cute af, Stefan treated her way better
  33. Starbucks is gross
  34. Guaranteed no one feels good after drinking pop
  35. Country music is the definition of trash
  36. Roses are not that pretty... I'd rather any other flower
  37. Winter is 100% better than Summer
  38. Normal diamonds are ugly
  39. Tea is gross
  40. I don't like any other comedy show except the Office
  41. Oldies music will forever be a million times better than todays music
  42. the amount of likes you get does not matter