Reasons Why I Love Bernard

  1. he calls me aly pie
  2. we have a mutual love and respect for all types of fries
  3. he sends me a lot of movie trailers (even though i don't watch them sometimes)
  4. he's obsessed with holding baby pigs
  5. he has amazing eyebrows and i am constantly impressed by them
  6. he always says carpe diem despite missing the point sometimes
  7. has a golden retriever (amazing)
  8. he never wants to sleep because he doesn't want to waste a single minute
    and even though i tell him he is going to go crazy and needs to sleep i secretly think it's admirable and cute that he wants to experience everything he possibly can. he is nuts, trust me
  9. he says he loves my eyes (even though they aren't necessarily a "cool color")
  10. he wants to go to the cliffs of moher in ireland and manages to bring that up in every conversation
  11. mutual understanding of the importance of vanilla ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles
  12. he doesn't question why i hate ketchup he just accepts it
  13. he texts me in novels. seriously. one time he said we should combine our text history to make an actual book
  14. he makes it clear that he does not believe in gender roles before telling me how physically strong he is
  15. he's a giant nerd, a delicate rare flower if u will
  16. he sends me pictures of cute dogs and cute babies
  17. he's my best pal