That's in like 21 days so I gotta get crackin
  1. Finish the books I started in Dec. but abandoned when I got too sick/busy
  2. Get a job
    This makes me sound like a bum. I actually have 2 jobs, I just want a 3rd
  3. Get Erin a Present
    Y'all I'm doing MLK Christmas with my fam in 2 weeks. We don't exchange gifts anymore, but I wanna get my girl something. Homie has been there for me through the struggles of this past year. She drove ten hours round trip to be with me for one day. I got a good best friend, I gotta show out for her.
  4. Get a New Mattress
    Okay, but like I've had the same mattress since I was 12. I sleep like complete shit and I'm trying to do better at life. I hope this helps.
  5. Clean my room
    Look I turn 23 in 21 days - I have to be realistic
  6. Write a letter
    I'm a pen and paper junkie. I love stationary and a really good pen. I might as well put that obsession to good use and write someone a letter.
  7. Read a Play
    I used to do new play Mondays. I ordered a play on the interwebs or picked one up at half priced books and read a new play every week. I got busy. Not anymore.
  8. Come up with a plan for private students.
    I have like 3 private 10 week lessons scheduled this quarter and no plan. HELP
  9. Organize my makeup
  10. Finish transcribing this documentary.
    Transcribing is hard. Who knew?
  11. Write More
  12. Take the dresses out of my trunk.
    I need help. 😐🔫
  13. Finish season one of Stranger Things
  14. Figure out how exactly to do my new hairstyle
    I haven't mastered it yet
  15. Learn a new braid
    My sister never let me play with her hair, I've been making up for that for years.
  16. Quit soda
    I've done this off and on for years. Might as well commit.
  17. Decide how I feel about to HIMYM finale
    Look I can't carry this vasilation with me for another year.
  18. Figure out if I actually know this guy at my gym or if I'm actually going insane.
  19. Get some Chinese food.
  20. Have a sangria
    Because I 💙sangria
  21. Memorize a new monologue
  22. Start making my bed everyday
  23. Make more lists.