Inspired by Matt Bellassai's Twitter list - these are good thing from a shit year.
  1. Worked with the coolest documentary filmmaker and shot about 3 seconds of a movie
    So I'm basically Spielberg now.
  2. Designed lights for 2 Shows
    It was sort of terrible, but I thought myself and did it alone - so....
  3. I successfully stage managed my first full-length show.
    With no ASM and didn't even cry more than three times
  4. I started voice lessons again
    And it was hella therapeutic
  5. I started therapy
    It was mildly therapeutic
  6. Went to NYC
    Saw Finding Neverland and only 2 naked people
  7. I started teaching private lessons
  8. Saw Shakespeare in the park and late night shakes.
  9. Directed my first adult play.
    A success seing as how I'm barely an adult. It was Father of the Bride - and the main girl is like a year younger than me but the script kept calling her an old maid and I didn't even cry more than three times.
  10. I taught my first camp for 10 and under kiddos and got a present from everyone of those suckers at the end of it.
    They were mostly hand drawn pictures of unidentifiable objects, but I'm basically Beyoncé to 7 five year olds.
  11. Directed Spoon River Anthology
    Edgar Lee Masters is one of my favorite poets, so score. It was a major struggle though I definitely cried upwards of three times.
  12. I had a pretty great vacation with the whole fam
    We had the best food of any vacation to date.
  13. I starred in the first US performance of The Syrian Monologues
    This experience gave me a wealth of empathy towards the Syrian people and their plight, as well as giving me a deeper understanding of the Syrian conflict and refugee process. I also met great people.
  14. Went to my first Iriquois Park Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular
    It was lit
  15. Voted
    The result may not have been what I wanted - but I voted for the first female nominee of a major party for president and as a lady it was a very Leslie Knope moment for me.
  16. Stage Managed my first pro show
  17. Got allergy testing
    And realized my whole life I had struggled unnecessarily
  18. I directed a Christmas Musical
    Y'all the Lord moved to make that happen.
  19. Finished the Gilmore Girls Revival
    Look-it was what it was, but I watched it with my siblings and it was nice and nostalgic.
  20. Cher has a twitter and it's 🔥🔥🔥