Podcasts Giving Me Life

  1. Black on the Air
    I was so perturbed when The Nightly Show went off the air, so I was really excited when this podcast dropped. It's funny and insightful, and he has great guests - Bernie Sanders & Neil deGrasse Tyson to name a few.
  2. Last Podcast on the Left
    At first I didn't think I could handle the levels of bro this podcast reaches. However, as a true crime lover, I had to see what was up. The research is solid, the episodes are genuinely humorous, and terrifyingly entertaining. I can't get into the sci-fi, or alien stuff, but anything on a cult or a serial killer is 💯 in my book
  3. My Favorite Murder
    Karen is my spirit animal. I genuinely feel like these women are my friends when they talk. Their commitment to honesty, and respect of victims is amazing. Mostly this show is just so darn tweetable & pretty much every episode gives me something mantra worthy. Here's the thing - I'm always delightfully uplifted by this murder podcast.
  4. I Hate My Boss
    I've been kinda hot & cold on this one. Despite the name, it's actually a podcast helping young professionals navigate the work place. The reenactments are pretty cheesy for my taste but the advice given by the host always feels on point.
  5. Sleep With Me
    I've always been something of a night owl, and I've tried a lot of things to help me get to sleep. This podcast is the most consistently effective sleep aid I've ever used. It takes some getting used to, but you should definitely give it a shot.
  6. Can He Do That
    As a Washington Post subscriber, I was really stoked for this podcast. In such an unprecedented presidency, it seems like I'm asking myself this question at least once a week. The host, while not as engaging as I'd like, breaks down the issues surrounding Trump's presidency in a really concise manner & try to answer the question, "Can he do that?"
  7. Reply All
    As a product of the internet generation, and something of a nerd, I find "Reply All" intriguing. The hosts are great, the stories are quirky and interesting. They cover many corners of the internet, I learn something in every episode, and I am here for it.