1. Where is my razor
  2. Where is my shaving cream
  3. Am I a feminist if I'm only shaving my legs cause I think it's kinda gross not to?
  4. Ugh I can't see, why didn't I just put my contacts in?
  5. I should just get lasik
  6. Who am I kidding, I'm too broke for that
  7. But honestly at some point buying all these contacts adds up, right?
  8. Does my insurance cover lasik?
  9. I should call my dad
  10. Okay go slow cause you can't see where the razor and your skin meet
  11. Dammit
  12. Maybe I should wax?
  13. Okay make sure to do the back because I might as well do it right
  14. Then should I shave above my knee?
  15. Hahahaha.
  16. No
  17. Okay, this is good getting all the weird spots
  18. Maybe it's not that I don't want to shave my legs, maybe I'm just lazy, this is gonna be nice, I'm glad I did it.
  19. *Puts on glasses & sees all the spots I missed*
  20. I hate myself.