If they all were at a party together, which Jane Austen characters should pair off?
  1. Darcy and Elizabeth, duh
  2. Catherine and Henry Tilney cause I love them.
  3. Jane Bennett and Edward Ferrars because they are both sweet and dull
  4. Lydia Bennett and Mr. Knightly - he could lecture all he wants because she's not listening.
  5. Isabella Thorpe and Wickham because they are both the bad kind of naughty, and no one would miss her.
  6. Fanny Price and Bingley - trust Bingley to get stuck in the corner with the most boring heroine in the Austenverse.
  7. Emma and Willoughby - she's got money and high spirits, he likes both.
  8. Eleanor Dashwood and Col. Brandon. I just like them together, okay?
  9. Marianne Dashwood and Capt. Wentworth. She needs adventure. He needs someone less of a dull dishrag.
  10. Anne Elliot and Edmund Bertram. The dullest couple in Austen. Perfect for each other.
  11. Mary Crawford and Capt. Tilney. They are both so naughty, in a delicious way.