1. Charlie from The Mighty Ducks
    When the wind blows hard and the sky is black, ducks fly together. With that triple deke and messy hair, Charlie has my heart forever.
  2. Jared from Zoom
    Zee double-o m box 350, Jared was dreamy and that's all I know.
  3. Drake Bell
    K but remember Totally Kyle from the Amanda Show??? The spider was all "ahhh kyle" and Alys was all "let's get married immediately so I have guaranteed laughs till I die."
  4. JTT
    I still celebrate JTT's birthday every year bc he had such a profound effect on my life. All the love.
  5. Erik von Detten
    This guy was everywhere in the late 90's including my every waking thought. My 11:11 wish every night is for him to get a reoccurring role on The Mindy Project. Cc @mindy
  6. Johnny Depp
    What a phase this was. Pirates of the Caribbean was a real game changer as it ushered me into what would be a lasting trend of hot dad celeb crushes.
  7. Jimmy Fallon
    There are people in this world who only know me as "that girl who really loves Jimmy Fallon." I've seen Taxi like 23 times. No regrets.
  8. Paul Rudd
    Specifically Wet Hot American Summer Paul Rudd
  9. Christopher Meloni
    If you don't SVU, who even are you???
  10. Seth Meyers
    Basically if you've ever hosted Weekend Update, I've scribbled my first name with your last name on notebooks somewhere.
  11. Louis Tomlinson
    Convinced Louis got Brianna pregnant just so he would fit my "hot dad" criteria. 🎵 NOBODY NOBODY 🎵
  12. Colin Jost
    Re: Weekend Update anchors