FOR @k8mcgarry!!!!!!!
  1. Louis Tomlinson's instagram
  2. The part in Broadcast News when she gives him the shoulder pads
  3. A video of Jonathan Groff and Lea Michele eating starbursts together
  4. Justin Trudeau tweeting congratulations to Oscar nominees
  5. Jimmy Fallon singing "You'll Be Back" from Hamilton
  6. The Lonely Island talking about One Direction on Fresh Air
  7. Seeing 2 little girls at a Ghostbusters screening
  8. Joanna Morrison saying her dream job is a comedy sketch show with me and Jenny and pets
  9. Turning 26
  10. The Zac Efron DJ movie
  11. Kanye & Chance singing UltraLight Beam together
  12. When Hillary lost the election
  13. Ashton Kutcher naming his baby Dimitri