1. have a great evening dolly love ya smiley face
    He refuses to use emojis
  2. Heeeeeelllllllo lys
  3. Lys are you still on shomi
    He spends a lot of time figuring out every way he can possibly watch tv. Right now he has an old iPod clamped to his tool box in the garage in the perfect spot to get wifi.
  4. Goodnight sweet lady have a great sleep
  5. Are you still alive
  6. Same with me we must be related
    I told him I was watching tv.
  7. She'll straighten out this bunch
    I told him about Judge Judy being on the Island
  8. And I'll take you to work wed and be your driver miss daisy
  9. Happy birthday sweet dolly happy face
  10. You don't get paid for looking after grand pets
    When I asked him why he didn't take the Tim's gift card I left as a thank you for feeding my cat.
  11. Bonus: a note he left me
    05b96224 c5cd 424d b979 7a4196bd91cb