1. Purple
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    My roommates were out of the province the night I bawled watching Die Hard 2.
  2. Orange
    28addf5c 13a2 4f0a 8890 d710963af3c7
    I dropped my phone in the toilet at the Delta and it survived
  3. Blue
    6ba0f347 04cf 4505 a3c3 777f0e2b8944
    TSwift's Out of the Woods was released
  4. Grey
    A77a0d5a cfa4 4e2b afb6 8b3d014961bc
    Solange got married
  5. Pink
    I found my old gameboy colour
  6. Blonde
    8880fe3c a8f5 4830 bd55 6f2cdf5c9312
    Adopted my kitty 😻