1. Sleepovers at Nanny and Poppy's
    In the morning, I'd wake Poppy up while Nan made bacon and eggs. He'd then start his routine of suggesting items for breakfast - suggestions always included fresh skunk and a log of wood. I thought he was the funniest person in the world.
  2. 99 cent breakfast at Zellers
    My dad took me and my sister every Saturday for as long as this promotion lasted. The waitress knew our orders off by heart.
  3. Yard sales
    We'd get up bright and early to hit the most promising yard sales Mom had circled in the paper. I'd search for Archie comics and my favourite movies on VHS.
  4. Service station hangouts
    Dad would take us to the Service Station our neighbours owned and buy us each a bag of chips, which would keep us busy long enough for him to catch up on the news of the week. Sour cream and onion chips for me please.
  5. Racetrack
    Dad would buy us sprinkle donuts from Tim's and take us to watch the horses running the track during Saturday morning practice.
  6. Farmer's Market
    We'd go with Mom and walk around the market a few times. She'd buy fresh veggies and we'd beg for mini donuts. Every week the lady who sold handmade buttons warned us not to eat them because THEY'RE NOT CANDY.