1. The guy with the beard
    Every time I see this guy, I'm so happy that I greet him with the same enthusiasm I would greet a long lost friend. I think this is probably creepy but he handles it well. He told me I looked fab last week when I walked in looking like a trainwreck so all the love to him forever and ever.
  2. The girl with the dreads
    Such a lovely person. Very mild mannered and talks in kind of hushed tones - I would like to listen to audio books recorded by her.
  3. Blonde girl
    Super nice, we share a love of nachos and that's all that matters.
  4. Girl I know from high school
  5. The girl with the short hair
    Someone please tell this girl you don't need to comment on every single item a customer is buying!!! One time I was buying tampons and she talked forever about how that's the brand she likes too. Tbh she talked so long that our cycles prob synced up. God bless. When I see she's working, I leave the store immediately before she can catch me in her vortex of useless conversation.