1. Protractor = Jon Snow
    Every time I use one I just get super irritated and yell "you know nothing" at it
  2. Safety scissors = Joffrey
    They're just the worst
  3. Binder = Petyr Baelish
    Brothels are basically just binders full of women
  4. Calculator = Cersai
    Always scheming
  5. Eraser = Ramsey
    Rip Theon's erased identity
  6. Pencil = Jamie
    Still valuable even when they lose a part of themselves
  7. Pencil = Sansa
    A little timid
  8. Pen = Arya
    A little braver
  9. Sharpie = Brienne
    Very brave
  10. Set of coloured sharpies = Khaleesi
    The bravest AND the prettiest