Aka: gifts that take minimal effort but still make you look good.
  1. A DVD copy of Must Love Dogs
    Attach a note saying it reminded you of them bc you love their insta pet pics so much. Realistically, you chose it bc it was in the Wal-Mart $5 bin.
  2. A framed penny
    What's the year on the penny? 2004? Write a nice letter about how one of your fave 04 memories is singing Bad Day at karaoke. They'll be so touched by your thoughtfulness that they'll totally overlook the fact that Bad Day didn't come out till 2006.
  3. A pair of earrings you only wore once and found too heavy
    Just stick them on an index card, doodle some flowers around them and they'll look hella crafty and good as new
  4. A ziplock baggie of leftover craft supplies from the last Pinterest project you tried
    Attach a note saying 'this year I want to invest in YOUR creativity,' and you're golden.