1. For girls who love SNL
    May you be as confident as Poehler, as sharp as Fey and as versatile as Dratch. In the name of Rudolph, Amen.
  2. For girls who love Mary Tyler Moore
    May you be as brave as Mary, as funny as Rhoda and as stylish as Phyllis. In the name of Sue Ann, Amen.
  3. For girls who love Nora Ephron heroines
    May you be as unique as Sally Albright, as hopeful as Annie Reed and as enchanting as Kathleen Kelly. In the name of Nora, Amen.
  4. For girls who love women in politics
    May you be as determined as Hillary, as badass as RBG and as poised as Michelle. In the name of Elizabeth, Amen.
  5. For girls who love The Golden Girls
    May you be as sweet as Rose, as wise as Dorothy and as full of life as Blanche. In the name of Sophia, Amen.
  6. For girls who love Beyoncé
    May you be as fierce as Run the World, as passionate as Partition and as sincere as XO. In the name of Single Ladies, Amen.