Aka, my life's version of: He's never gonna leave her!
  1. He's never gonna stop being a real life version of Gordon Gekko. Selfish AF.
  2. She's never going to remember that you hate onions!
  3. No matter how many times you consecutively play Bieber's 'Sorry', he's never gonna get the hint that he should apologize!
  4. Netflix is never going to get back the early seasons of Law & Order: SVU!
  5. He's never going to read your tweets!
  6. He's never going to remember your birthday!
  7. She's never going to give you that scarf even though it looks way better on you and she barely ever wears it!
  8. He's never going to choose you over his friends!
  9. She's never going to stop using that high pitched voice every time she goes through a drive-thru!
  10. He's never going to stop mansplaining everything to you!
  11. She's never going to stop thinking America's Funniest Home Videos is the gold standard of comedy!