Happy MITAM day!!!
  1. Hey Angel - Milton/Paradise Lost
    Hey Angel / Do you know the reason why / If we eat the apple / Then we’ll die?
  2. Drag Me Down - Mark Twain/The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
    All my life / You stood by me / When no one else was ever behind me / All this gold / can’t civilize me / It looks grim / but I bet we can rescue Jim
  3. Perfect - Jane Austen/Pride and Prejudice
    But if you like causing trouble at the neighbour's ball/ And if you like witty girls who aren’t afraid of a brawl / If you like to help your sisters find their one true loves / then baby I’m perfect, crazy family and all
  4. Infinity - Emily Bronte/Wuthering Heights
    How many nights have you wished someone would stay / Hoping Cat didn’t have to go away
  5. End of the day - Herman Melville/Moby Dick
    All I know at the end of the day / Is you want what you want / And you pray and ya pray / And you follow the whale / Even though it’ll ruin your liiiiiiiiiiiiife
  6. If I Could Fly - J.M. Barrie / Peter Pan
    If I could fly / I’d be in Neverland with you / But Mother was right / It’s time I grow up and you should too
  7. Long Way Down - Johanna Spyri / Heidi
    We had a mountain / But took it for granted / Its powers of healing / Make it enchanted
  8. Never Enough - William Goldman/The Princess Bride
    Lips so good I forget my name / As you wish has set my heart aflame
  9. Olivia - F. Scott Fitzgerald/The Great Gatsby
    When you go / I’m all alone / You live in my imagination / I’ll climb to the top/ I’ll party a lot/ Until I find out your location
  10. What a Feeling - J.R.R. Tolkien/Lord of the Rings
    Through the Shire, through the Shire, through the Shire…
  11. Love You Goodbye - E.B White/Charlotte’s Web
    It’s inevitable everything that’s good comes to an end / I’d give anything to see one more word spelled in her web
  12. I Want to Write You a Song - Moses???/Genesis
    I want to build you a boat / One with pairs of animals on board / So when the rainfall stops / They will make it dry and safely to the shore / I want to build you a boat
  13. History - Arthur Conan Doyle/Sherlock Holmes
    You and me have got a whole lot of clues to see / We could be the greatest team / Law enforcement has ever seen
  14. Temporary Fix - Daniel Defoe/Robinson Crusoe
    Will they save me / From this Island/ Friday's wildin / Has anybody seen a ship
  15. Walking In The Wind - Louis Sachar/Holes
    A week ago you said to me / Do you think that these holes are real bizarre / The warden says don't try to run / The nearest town to here is way too far
  16. Wolves - Jack London/Call of the Wild
    In the middle of the night / When the wolves come out / Headed straight my friend / Who got me on the mend