1. MasterChef Junior
    a heartless person
  2. Game of Thrones
    incredibly stubborn - you march to the beat of your own drum. Unfortunately, your unrelenting pride may be keeping you from experiencing the simple pleasures of life. Like Game of Thrones.
  3. House of Cards
    the kid in your class that had to take Grade 10 Political Science twice. You may also have a short attention span.
  4. The Daily Show
    smart enough to watch the real news. You don't have to be such a know-it-all about it though.
  5. Better Call Saul
  6. Nashville
    the person whose life motto is 'save the drama for Michelle Obama.' You are very direct and don't care to be around people who play mind games.
  7. You're the Worst
    don't get pop culture references, not that there's anything wrong about that! See what I did there? I made a Seinfeld reference. Did you get it? Of course you didn't.