Half my age = approx 13. I wish this list was an exaggeration. Inspired by @nathanveshecco, who is possibly the greatest person of all time.
  1. Saturday, 9am: Farmer's Market
    Gotta get those mini donuts with powdered sugar
  2. 10am: visit Nanny V/steal the TV listings section from her newspaper
  3. 10:30-11am: scour the aforementioned tv section for movies I wanted to tape
    Step 1: circle all the possibilities. Step 2: choose the highest priorities. Step 3: create a strategized schedule that included as many of these options as possible
  4. 12:55pm: make sure my VHS is rewound, turn TV to channel 56 (TBS) and watch the last 5 mins of The Wedding Singer
    I already had that one recorded from 2 weeks ago, duh
  5. 1pm: hit record as soon as the opening credits for You've Got Mail start
  6. 3:00pm: stop recording, eject VHS, put piece of masking tape on the side, write 'You've Got Mail' on the tape, put VHS back in VCR
  7. 5:00pm: turn tv to Chanel 45 (the women's network) and press record as the opening credits of Ever After start
  8. 7:00pm: eject tape, add "Ever After" to the masking tape label.
  9. Sunday 9am: run downstairs, turn TV to 54 (Family Channel), set VCR timer to start recording at 12pm bc that's when The Cheetah Girls movie is on
  10. 1030am: church
  11. 12:30pm: call my dad from Nanny's to see if he'll check that my recording started
  12. 3:00pm: watch Pretty Woman on channel 51
    I don't tape it bc a) I don't have the extra tape b) I don't want physical evidence that I watched this in case my mom doesn't approve
  13. 5:00pm think about recording Sister Act on TBS but decide to hold off bc I'd rather get The Parent Trap at 6 on CBC
    Had to tape over Babe: Pig in the City. Learning young that the struggle is real.