1. You're not gonna miss this place the way you think you're gonna
  2. You know how much you were crying before this pic was taken? One day you're gonna cry that much at a trailer for a movie called Big Miracle.
  3. Don't be afraid of eyeliner
  4. These awards don't help you get jobs
  5. This hat is funny. I still approve.
  6. You're not gonna stay this thin so enjoy it. Maybe cool it on the Subway addiction that's coming your way in 2010.
  7. You're gonna go to school tomorrow and find that one of your classmates told the teachers you danced at this after party. DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED ABOUT THIS.
    Context: grew up in religious environment where dancing was not allowed. Some real Kevin Bacon shit.
  8. You show those shoulders girl.
  9. Don't try to grow your hair out. Short hair is who you are.
  10. When you live with Taylor, be extra careful not to drop her toothbrush in the toilet
  11. You're not gonna stay in touch with these people. Don't obsessively check their social media accounts to compare your life progress.
  12. K bye