1. Where is Anne buried?
    There's nothing worse than having to break the news to some poor tourist that Anne of Green Gables wasn't a real person. It happens more than you would think.
  2. Why is the soil red?
    Bc of iron and oxidation and that's as much as I can remember from 3rd grade science class.
  3. Can I walk the whole Island in a few hours?
    Not unless you're The Flash. Takes approx 3-4 hrs to drive from tip to tip.
  4. How do I get to Cavendish?
    Turn right at the white church, left at the Community Hall, go through New Glasgow and you'll hit Cavendish in 30 mins. But tbh no matter where you are on PEI, you're never more than 10 mins from a beach so just go to the free one down the road.
  5. Where can I buy lobster?
    I don't even know bc we get ours from some rando fisherman in Rustico. Just go to the Canadian Tire parking lot bc there's always someone parked there with fresh seafood.
  6. Where can I buy lobster chips?
    DON'T BUY THEM. They're a farce, get the chocolate covered chips from Cow's instead.