1. Miracle on Kent Street
    A young woman's apartment goes untouched despite being unlocked for 2 full days.
  2. Beyond the Tights
    An assistant must overcome the obstacle of realizing her tights are see-through under the office's fluorescent lights.
  3. There's Something About Dairy
    An ice cream scooper grapples with the guilt she feels after mistakenly serving a regular ice cream to a lactose intolerant customer.
  4. Wet Hot Canadian Summer
    A behind the scenes look at the Ice Bucket Challenge video written and produced by residents of Chateau Estates.
  5. Crazy Stupid Dove
    A fear of birds keeps a woman from living her best life.
  6. Enemy of the Weight
    A teen's addiction to slushies hinders her goal to lose 15 lbs before the start of a new school year.