1. 1.
    Caption: the only thing I pray is that my feet don't fail me now. #Kanye
  2. 2.
    Caption: trying and failing to get 'on the line.'
  3. 3.
    Caption: what friends alum started in films with Bruce Willis #lazysunday
  4. 4.
    Caption: the other kitty at the vet said she had a crush on me and everything is amazing
  5. 5.
    Caption: trying to decide if I'm gonna write the next great American novel or a listicle about why you should date a kitty that stays indoors
  6. 6.
    Caption: counting all the money I've made babysitting the dust bunny under the couch
  7. 7.
    Caption: we are the new Americana...except I live in Canada and the dummy at the passport office won't give me a passport application #Halsey
  8. 8.
    Caption: I prefer the term African American Express #Kanye
  9. 9.
    Caption: hurry up with my damn croissant #Kanye