1. Chocolate dip
    Donut of choice age 3-7. An absolute classic, basically the default iPhone ringtone of donuts.
  2. Dutchie
    What I'd get as a kid if I was with my dad. Drive thru order = 2 dutchies, a medium Double Double and a bottle of Coke. ❤️
  3. Honey dip
    The jr high years. My mom told me they were one of the most fattening donuts and I was too embarrassed to ever order one again 😭
  4. Apple fritter
    My UPEI guilty pleasure - I was all over these and Ice Capps in between classes
  5. Sprinkle
    You'd think this would've been my fave as a kid but since I'm basically Benjamin Button, this was actually my go-to from 23-25. I'm a mystery even to myself.