1. Hey baby you forgot your Ray Bans
    For when you're a character in Dirty Dancing and need to return Jennifer Grey's sunglasses
  2. The hair still good though*
    For when you tear a strip off the coworker you hate but realize you were way too harsh and you wanna throw in a little positivity at the end
  3. You kinda dumb to be a poet
    For when your personal brand = Truth Telling English Prof Who Doesn't Give a Fuck about Your Feelings
  4. Second class bitches wouldn't let me on first base
    For when you're embarrassed you lost the softball game and desperately need someone to blame
  5. Every agent I know, know I hate agents
    For when you're a scientist who specializes in biological agents that cause disease and verbally threatening them helps you stay focused on your work
  6. I know some fans thought I wouldn't rap like this again
    For when you're a professional Nordstrom Gift Wrapper who has returned back to work after a carpal tunnel surgery
  7. The party's in here, we don't need to go out
    For when you're hosting pre-drinks and want to convince your friends to stick around instead of going out because you're BROKE AF but too ashamed to ask for financial assistance
  8. * I got this lyric wrong but YOLO