1. Fertile dilemmas
    Theme: everyday dilemmas that have the potential to become game-changing problems. Ex: when you're tired of getting Arbonne party invitations so you buy a Consultant Starter Kit just to have an excuse to decline every future invitation. Unfortunately, your easy solution snowballs into overwhelming credit card debt and you have to ask your parents to bail you out.
  2. How to raise a better boy
    Theme: an open letter to your ex's parents in regards to his poor communication skills.
  3. Remember your spirit
    Theme: pursuits of happiness are futile unless you're Will Smith or if you prioritize your spiritual well-being
  4. The husband with 24 personalities
    Theme: dealing with an unpredictable spouse. TWIST: the husband's chameleon-like tendencies are purely in response to the speaker's own erratic mood swings.
  5. What would you give up
    Not 100% sure what the theme would be, but it would most def have a line about Klondike Bars and what you would do to get one.
  6. The best pizza in America
    Theme: a day spent with your crush where everything seems better than it really is.
  7. How I got this
    Theme: a history of every scar the poet has on her body. By the end we love her Mom, hate her first boyfriend and have serious friendship envy re: her and lifelong bestie Gemma.
  8. Design your dream
    Theme: remaining optimistic in the face of failure...basically the poet just discovered The Secret.
  9. Girls who don't eat
    Theme: eating disorders are heartbreaking. Each stanza is from a different perspective: the girl with the disorder, one of her friends, her mom.
  10. Cast of Frasier
    Theme: the poet's name is Fraser and she speaks about how meaningful it was when people signed her cast after breaking her leg in ninth grade.