The kind of news you get in a place with low crime rates. Headlines taken from The Guardian and CBC
  1. Man stuffs meat in partners purse, she gets court fine
    The meat was worth $21.64 and was recovered
  2. Vodka theif gets suspended sentence
    'The vodka was with $27 and wasn't recovered'
  3. Drunk driver avoids jail because he doesn't speak English
    The judge added "it wasn't an invitation for others to plead ignorance of English to avoid jail time"
  4. Names sought for future RCMP police dogs
  5. Vehicle drives across Charlottetown lawns, collides with fence
  6. Fisherman fined for having too much halibut
  7. Buzz building for Anne of Green Gables television movie
  8. School bus joyride ends in ditch
  9. Court challenge of seatbelt ticket gets unbuckled
  10. Don't worry, smoking Charlottetown sewer system perfectly normal
  11. Charlottetown police officer rescues dog from manhole
  12. Cavendish Grove consultations show users want picnic tables