This is the kind of wisdom that $40 gets you from the tea leaf lady in Rustico
  1. You will get 3 tattoos and you'll regret the third one
  2. You will be in a long relationship w a shy guy who is tall, has a Honda motorcycle and works in Newfoundland as an engineer.
  3. Your cat will run away but he won't be gone for long.
  4. You'll spend $100-150 on a gold charm bracelet
  5. A lesbian will be interested in you in the near future
  6. You will win a ribbon for your writing
  7. You'll travel somewhere hot where there are alligators and chimps
  8. Be careful when gossiping
  9. An older woman will leave something special for you
  10. You'll go on a date with a guy who is allergic to your perfume
  11. Go for a lobster dinner and don't buy heels
  12. You should decorate cakes
  13. The ocean is good for you bc it brings you back to the womb