1. Any man of mine better walk the line
    For when you're the girl who fell in love with Joseph Gordon Levitt's character in that tightrope movie The Walk and you need to give him a pep talk.
  2. Let me make it clear to you my dear
    For when you're paying your University tuition (major in poetry) by working a summer job as a salesperson in a glasses store
  3. I think I've been hit by Cupid
    For when one of Santa's reindeer knocks you down and you need something to yell to get bystanders' attention in order to have witnesses to help you win the lawsuit you'll be filing.
  4. Men's shirts, short skirts
    For when you need to describe your aesthetic in an Instagram caption
  5. But that won't keep me warm in the middle of the night
    For when you're super pissed off bc you asked your mom for a new duvet but she bought you a lightweight quilt instead
  6. Cause I'm keeping you forever and for always
    For when your cat keeps looking longingly out the window and you want to discourage him from getting any ideas.
  7. You're still the one I want for life
    For when you're sending in your 27th entry for the PopTarts For Life contest