Just use this handy dandy acronym: PREACH. As in: I'm a strong independent woman, preach.
  1. Prevention
    The proverbial seat belt when it comes to your takeout is making sure the cover's on tight/the bag is tightly sealed/etc. That way even if it does go flying, it's not the end of the world. You can also use a literal seatbelt if that's what you're feeling.
  2. Reflex
    There will never be a situation where your reflexes are more important - the difference between a safely transported meal and a culinary disaster is mere milliseconds. Keep your reflexes sharp by staying active, playing catch with your kid sister, and getting re-addicted to Tetris.
  3. Early response
    You have to put your food first. The moment you realize you're gonna have to stop, what should you do - put your foot on the brake? NO! Grab your food so it's secure and THEN get on that brake.
  4. Act Smart
    This is basically just a qualifier to keep me out of trouble for telling you to put your food first. If you're in a situation where you or others could get hurt, be smart and forget the food. (But let's be real, that rice bowl is the only thing keeping you company during tonight's episode of The Bachelor and is anything more important than that?)
  5. Call on Diane Keaton, patron saint of singles, to save you
    Self explanatory
  6. Hustle on home
    You did it! You saved the food! You're a real life superhero...tweet Joss Whedon that you deserve to be in the next Avengers movie and get on home.
  7. Ps. The inspiration.