In another universe where the McConaissance didn't happen, this is how Matty McCons' career is going
  1. 2010: played Ashton Kutcher's role in No Strings Attached
    While this romcom was a step up from 2009's Ghost of Girlfriends past, McCon's easy charm was not enough to make this a box office hit.
  2. 2011: turns down a role in Dallas Buyer's Club to star in Runner Runner
    He and Ben Affleck do not get along. The tabloids favour Ben, making McCons out to be a difficult actor on set.
  3. 2012: films a web series called Just Keep Living
    This is mostly an attempt to repair his public image. He gives advice and goes on fun adventures with his friends. The series brings in low view counts until the episode where he and Jake Gyllenhaal do a 2 person flashmob. They sing 'We Are Never Getting Back Together.' It goes viral.
  4. 2012: appearance at the MTV VMAs
    He gets to introduce TSwift
  5. 2013: Narrates the documentary Blackfish
    Supporters of the film wear tshirts with orcas and McCons and the phrase "not right, not right, not right."
  6. 2014: gets a reoccurring role on The Good Wife
  7. Later in 2014: gets killed off from The Good Wife
  8. 2015: signs a deal with Lifetime to star in their next 3 movies and be a guest judge on 1 episode of Project Runway