1. Good morning, good morningggggggg
    What my mom sang every morning to wake us up.
    What my mom sing/yelled when we still hadn't rolled out of bed
  3. Dear Heavenly Father
    Mom's homemade good night prayer, full lyrics: Dear Heavenly Father, to you we pray / We thank you for everything, especially today / Now bless us as we sleep, our souls to keep / Amen
  4. Remember Who You Are and No Foolishness
    What mom told us every time we left the house
  5. Lol
    Mom laughing at her own jokes...a trait I inherited
  6. Act as if
    ...they know and love you already. Mom's advice when I was nervous to meet new people.
  7. Earnest
    Mom's warning that "THIS WILL TURN TO EARNEST" when me and Jenny teased each other
  8. Psalm 56:3
    What mom would recite when I was scared. "When I am afraid, I will trust in you."
  9. Love you Lys
    One of the best things I hear every day. Xoxoxox