1. Oh my god he messaged me
  2. Why did he Facebook this and not text
    Which one is more personal? Which one is lamer? Which one is more 'I'm specifically thinking of you at this very moment so I wanted to reach out and communicate and maybe fall in love"?
  3. Why did he private message this and not post on my wall
    Is he ashamed to be speaking to me?!?!
  4. K wow this article is quite long
    Should I read the whole thing or just pull a couple quotes that will be enough to keep the convo going?
  5. I wonder if he's wearing that green shirt.
    All about that green shirt.
  6. What did he mean the other day when he said we should hang out more often??????
    Was there subtext??? I don't know.
  7. I've never even been to a TGI Fridays
  8. Why did he send this specific article to me
    What about TGI Fridays appetizers says "this is so Alys." Should I be concerned about the image I'm projecting??
  9. I wonder if he sent this to anyone else
  10. I wonder how long I should wait to respond
  11. Oh my god, what if he sent this to me by accident.
    It's so out of the blue that this sort of makes sense. DID HE TYPE THE WRONG ALYSSA????
  12. K stop being insane, he sent it to you bc it's funny and that's all there is to it.
  13. Unless there's more to it.
  14. I can't even believe he messaged me.