1. #WhatsUpWithAlys
    Target audience: girls I hated in high school, girls I hated in university and any guy I've ever been remotely interested in. The content: my recent accomplishments spun in the most pretentious/impressive way possible.
  2. Alisten Up
    Content: jokes I made in recent history that I don't feel got enough attention/respect.
  3. Everything I know about girls and how to be one
    Target audience: every single woman in the universe. Content: anecdotes paired with lessons learned in regards to feminism, and being a woman in general. 85% of posts will be period related tbh.
  4. PolySci 105: Phone Background Fridays
    Content: a carefully selected photo of a politician that will make a perfect phone background. Sent every Friday.
  5. Sneaker Horoscopes
    Content: weekly horoscopes based on reader's fave sneaker instead of their astrological sign