URLs Google Chrome autofills on my computer for every letter of the alphabet

  1. More specifically: a list of recommended books to read that I have bookmarked
  2. More specifically, the top option is the #hamiltunes doc with all the crowd sourced Hamilton lyrics
  3. My sister's Twitter. She's the funniest person I know.
  4. My cat's insta
  5. L - li.st
    You're welcome @bjnovak
  6. Gotta pay that light bill
  7. ????????????
  8. P - Provincial Credit Union
  9. More specifically: a search for the Starbucks located on Queen and Dorchester. I was tryna creep a specific barista
  10. More specifically: a video of the Alf theme song that I have bookmarked
  11. More specifically: a tshirt listed as Ye x Cinders that features a picture of Cinderella and Kanye lyrics