And the justification I imagine the couple has for each track's inclusion
  1. Wagon wheel
    Groom: "so everyone knows we're gonna PARTYYYYYYY." Bride: *rolls her eyes* "hopefully all the cool guests are fashionably late enough to miss this"
  2. Run to you
    Bride: "my aunt Susan requested an entire Lady Antebellum record and since she paid for the cake, we'll throw her a bone near the beginning" Groom: "the cake sucks, she doesn't deserve this but agreeing to this song was the only way I was allowed to request Wagon Wheel."
  3. Beer in Mexico
    Bride: "Because we're honeymooning in Mexico!!!" Groom: "don't you think that's a little on the nose?" Bride "I don't know what that means, ADD IT TO THE LIST."
  4. Twistin the night away
    Groom: I couldn't remember Sam Roberts name and accidentally requested anything by Sam Cooke. Woops."
  5. Hero
    Bride: "this song was playing the first time he kissed me." Groom (whispers to the band): "the song was actually All Star by Smashmouth but let's keep that between us"
  6. I want to hold your hand
    Groom: "a classic"
  7. Eight days a week
    Bride: "this is the only other Beatles song we know"
  8. ????
    Note: I couldn't identify this song and apparently Shazam doesn't recognize singing or humming. That's a real dick move if you ask me.
  9. 867-5309
    Bride: "my name is Penny so just go ahead and change the name"
  10. You win my love
    Groom: "Shania just GETS ME okay?!"