Requested by @evak
We operated under a 'business casual' dress code. And we had to wear skirts/dresses on Wednesdays.
  1. Jeans/any kind of denim
  2. Corduroy pants
  3. Shorts above the knee
  4. Skirts/dresses above the knee or with slits above the knee
  5. Low necklines
  6. Shirts with any kind of image (unless it was part of a pattern)
  7. Clothing that had any kind of visible logo
  8. Shirts with numbers on them
  9. Visible bra straps
  10. Flip flops
  11. Spaghetti straps
  12. Tank tops
  13. Athletic clothing
  14. Hoodies
  15. Sweatshirts
  16. Piercings
    (Girls were allowed to have 1 piercing per ear)
  17. Shoes without backs
  18. Tattoos
  19. Unnatural hair colour