You know you work in Social Media when...

  1. You have barely any personal pics on your phone
    Bc they were hastily deleted when you kept getting "storage full" notifications while trying to get a pic of the new staff member you need to introduce on Facebook
  2. Your friends are tired of you complaining about how insta only lets you sign in to 5 accounts at a time
  3. You wish there was a class you could take that teaches you how to stay on top of your notifications without rudely ignoring whoever's trying to talk to you
  4. You hate the Facebook algorithm more than you hate Joffrey
  5. You love Instagram filters more than you love Tom Hanks
  6. It takes everything in your being to resist asking everyone you know to like/retweet/share whatever promotion you're running
  7. Waiting for your TripAdvisor changes to take effect is more painful than waiting for your Kylie Lip Kits to arrive
  8. You become an expert at ignoring the lowkey insult of people commenting they wish they too could get a job where they just tweet all day