1. I am the only person that can control my emotions
  2. I have the power to be stronger than I ever imagined
  3. I am surrounded by so many people who love me
  4. No one truly loves me more than Zachary on a deep, personal, emotional, and intimate level and no one else ever will love me the way that he does.
  5. I must be stronger for Zachary because he does not deserve to always be the strong one.
  6. I am extremely lovable, beautiful, funny, personable, interesting, and intelligent all in my own unique way.
  7. No one can improve the world in the same way that I can
  8. I was placed on earth being so alive, healthy, loving and strong so that I can make the world a happier place for all.
  9. I can make goals and complete them.
  10. I have the power to be everything that I have dreamed of being.
  11. I am truly and deeply in love with my soul mate and I am so incredibly lucky to be alive.
  12. I will experience beautiful things every day of my life
  13. No matter how hard life gets, I will be strong and understand that life is always worth living.
  14. I will never give up