Even classics age
  1. Ross bringing Julie back from China without anyone knowing
  2. "That, my friend, is what they call closure"--> "you're over me? When were you under me?" Kerfuffle with the answering machine
  3. Phoebe pretending to be Ursula
  4. Chloe the copy girl
  5. Ross not being able to get a hold of Emily post wedding
  6. Carol meeting Susan at the gym
  7. Ross and Chandler having to take fake photos with new disposable cameras
  8. Any dating storyline of Joey's -- they would have texted the next day
  9. Joey and Chandler not turning off the free porn
  10. Phoebe's "lobster" analogy would have led to everybody Wikipedia-ing lobster mating rituals
  11. Monica recording over Richards answering machine
  12. Phoebe using pagers and pay phones to be Joey's agent.
  13. Emily, on the eve of her second wedding, leaving a message on Ross's answering machine.