Not exactly inspiring
  1. Astronomer! This was in, like, second grade, when I had those glow in the dark star decals on my ceiling and very carefully copied constellations from a book. I only got three constellations up before getting bored and sticking them at random. Note that no other item on this list is remotely sciency, because the patriarchy got me.
  2. Princess Diana. This was spurred mostly by a crush on Prince Harry and a serious interest in the wives of Henry the VIII. It ended after she died, because that was scary.
  3. Children's book author. Now it's my retirement plan.
  4. Jackie Kennedy. Definitely upper elementary. I played her in our sixth grade living history museum.
  5. Professor. Sort of a constant, it gave me an excuse to have a messy desk, read a lot, and correct people. Also, I wore the worst glasses.
  6. Katie Couric. My journalism phase was most of middle school. Like Katie, I was going to be half journalist-half public philanthropist. I even got a perky newscaster haircut in anticipation of this.
  7. Script supervisor/writer for a TV show. Mostly bc continuity issues make me angry. This was the goal around the time I started watching West Wing.
  8. Sandra Day O'Conner. I wanted to get a JD/PhD and teach law, then just get "summoned" to the bench like the woman in Madam Secretary. When I found out the actual practice of law was different than my seventh grade mock trial team, I lost interest.
  9. Chief counsel for the Senate HELP committee. Again, the desire not to be a lawyer precluded this. But I spent most of senior year planning on revamping NCLB. Life has a sense of humor sometimes.
  10. Teach for America CM. no really! This was on my high-school graduation announcement and everything.
  11. First Lady. A constant, and I still maintain I would be great at this.
  12. Historian-slash-college-president.