1. Terms of Endearment (aurora / it's 10 o'clock, give her the drugs!!)
  2. St Elmo's Fire (self-created melodrama / kid can't fly on one wing / scuba suits) (I was rejected 3 times by Georgetown) (f-u gerogetown) (#howdoyalikemenow?)
  3. Apollo 13 (will the heat shield have remained intact?!? re-entry!!)
  4. Steel Magnolias (I can't even #ouiser)
  5. Fame ("you want fame? well fame is gonna cost you. and here's where you start paying. in sweat") - should be required watching for millennials
  6. Miracle (minnesota. boston. soviets. america!)
  7. Sex and the City (I am a cliche) (show or first movie) (even I draw the line at #2)
  8. The Affair (pacey moved to montauk)
  9. The West Wing (now that It doesn't give me PTSD)
  10. Heartburn (Georgetown was more awesome in the 80s) (see St Elmo's)
  11. Parenthood (in my mind I'm a Braverman)