Thoughts from train 2253 as I wait for an alleged drawbridge to close....
  1. it's like an Irving Berlin movie. Hot toddies, tuna sandwiches and merriment
  2. Rolling hills, water views
  3. No security line
  4. You can bring an extra bag if you've been shopping!
  5. How is it always on the verge of bankruptcy? In the quiet car right now there has to be close to $10K in one-way fares alone.
  6. Why do people pack food like they are going outward bound? Thanksgiving feasts aren't meant for the train. Use the Cafe car! The hot dogs are kosher!!!
  7. I am like Charlie Brown with the football on the Acela. Every time I pay more to get there faster, I end up seeing the Regional somehow pass us by....
  8. People who make you share in their musical adventure by playing their jams on volume 22
  9. Friends in DC - I am obviously gonna be late!